We are pleased to announce that Workday is now available for all employees to login and manage their HR and Payroll needs.

Login to Workday now at

Training and Documentation

A comprehensive library of screencasts and guide documents is available that will show you how to perform most of the tasks you'll need to do in Workday.

Manager TrainingHuman Resources and ETS are holding several Workday for Managers training sessions. This training is required for all managers of staff. Please visit the workshop signup page to view available dates and register to attend!

Student supervisors are required to attend a training held by the Financial Aid office.

Need more help?

Human Resources and Payroll staff are standing by ready to answer your questions about Workday. If you have questions or need additional help, feel free to ask the Workday team at This email is monitored by HR and Payroll staff and can be used for general Workday questions or difficulties using Workday. Specific Human Resources or payroll questions should be directed to or, respectively. Login issues should be directed to ETS helpdesk.

Top reasons why the HR, Payroll and ETS teams think you’ll love Workday

  • You can view your employee profile online, in one place, including benefit, retirement savings and beneficiary information
  • You can manage HR functions online like changing your personal information, managing beneficiaries or entering a life event that affects your benefits
  • You can view a complete and real time organizational chart so you know who does what and can contact the necessary people more readily
  • Managers and Program Chairs can view the employee records of your direct reports, including job history and HR activity history
  • You can initiate, manage and track online most HR processes, including things such as personnel changes, which will reduce the reliance on paper and snail mail
  • Hourly employees & students will see a slick interface for entering their time, including time entry across multiple jobs with multiple managers
  • You can manage your time off and your direct reports’ time off requests online
  • You can view your complete compensation profile, including deductions and employer contributions
  • You can view your payslips online, as well as manage your withholding elections and direct deposit