Workday Student Recruiting & Admissions

Project Summary: 

This project will implement Workday Student Recruiting and Admissions as our core system for managing student prospects, applications for admissions, and the application review and acceptance processes. 

Current Status: 
On schedule
Start date: 
Mar 2016
Projected completion: 
Nov 2016
Project Timeline: 
Project timeline
Business Case: 

With Workday Recruiting and Admissions, CCA hopes to continue our progress toward improving operational efficiencies and equipping our administration and end users with the tools and access to information necessary to make sound decisions and further the mission of CCA. To this end, we expect Workday Recruiting and Admissions to achieve the following benefits to our organization:

Enrollment Services: The ESO will benefit in myriad ways from the streamlining of processes, systems, and tools that this project will bring. The new system(s) will make day-to-day tasks more efficient, training of new staff easier, and will free up resources to take advantage of the new system’s analytical tools and features that can help EOS think -- and act -- more strategically about recruitment and retention efforts.

Application Evaluators: ESO staff and participating faculty will benefit from the collaborative workflows introduced by this project. Sharing of documents and notes, as well as task-specific workflows, means less confusion and more efficient evaluation of applicants.

Recruitment Counselors in the Field: Enrollment Services needs a system to manage their engagement with prospective students, teachers, and parents in the office and on the road. This system must hold as much data as possible about student profiles and engagement activities (including a robust event-management capacity) to allow the staff to learn from, and respond to, prospective students behaviors in the recruiting process and over time. Given the high rate of turnover with the recruitment staff, the system must be more intuitive than our current systems allowing for faster onboarding.

This new system will benefit CCA in that it should result in more personalized engagement with our prospective students and allow us to know more about them. It will also benefit the prospective students, providing them with content and engagement that addresses their specific interests and needs.

Students: Students need -- and expect -- a simpler and more intuitive experience throughout the application lifecycle. They need fewer log-ins to manage, less “bouncing” between sites to complete tasks, easy access to program/catalog information right from the application forms, and help docs and tips instantly available should they need it.

Workday’s mobile-optimized platform will also meet the needs of today’s student, who typically interact with CCA on small screens and using mobile operating systems where having multiple browser windows or tabs open is an atypical experience. Students need a system that can take them to from point A to point B in a single browser window.

Students will also benefit from personalized communication, including notifications about uncompleted tasks, due dates, and targeted messages.

Project Scope: 

Core Workday Functionality

  • Academic Foundation: The core structure of our Academic programs, levels, and periods.
  • Programs of Study: Configuration of all undergraduate majors, graduate and dual-degree programs, and pre-college program. Additional special programs will be added in a subsequent phase.
  • Student Prospects and Recruiting Lifecycle: Configuration of data collection, tracking and engagement management for student prospects. Includes recruiting event management.
  • Application Process: Integration with CCA's custom student application, as well as Common App, management of all application requirements and progress toward completion.
  • Admissions Assessments: Assessments, questionnaires, link to Slideroom portfolio, that support the application review process
  • Reports & Analytics: Collect and analyze aggregate data in multiple formats (dashboards and spreadsheets) to help inform strategic planning and activities pertinent to recruiting efforts and admissions goals.

Student-Facing Apps: Student Application, Prospective Student Inquiry and Recruiting Event Signup

CCA will develop a way for prospective students to browse and register for upcoming recruiting events and request information about CCA. These forms, integrated with Workday, will be hosted on

CCA will also develop a new web-based application to serve undergraduate, graduate, and pre-college applicants.

Project Sponsor: 
Mara Hancock, CIO, VP-Technology
Sheri McKenzie, Senior VP Enrollment Services
Project Manager/Lead: 
Michelle Ziegmann, Director Project Management Office
Functional Leads: 
Scott Cline, Associate VP for Enrollment Services and Financial Aid
Noel Dahl, Director of Graduate Admissions
Arnold Icasio, Director of Undergraduate Admissions
Cheena Marie Lo, Pre-College Coordinator
Jerry Allen, Registrar
Lisa Stoneman, Academic Affairs Specialist
Elena Olkhovskaya, Associate Director, Administrative Computing
Ngoc Lam-Miller, Integrations Engineer
Key Stakeholders: 
Nina Sadek, Dean of Special Programs
Eli Cochran, Director of Web and Mobile Applications
Noelle Hylton, Director of Administrative Computing