Workday Student Planning

Project Summary: 

This project is focused on planning for the Workday Student implementation project. The Workday Student implementation project is scheduled to commence in July 2017. Prior to the start of this project, we need to convene a project team to conduct a number of planning activities. These activities are aimed to prepare CCA to enter into a well-planned project, with clearly defined functional and technical requirements, a solid resource plan, and with consensus across the various stakeholder groups as to what we want to accomplish, and how to measure success.

Current Status: 
Start date: 
Sep 2016
Projected completion: 
Jun 2017
Business Case: 

Over the past 3 years, CCA has been progressively migrating core enterprise systems from a complex collection of loosely integration systems, including Datatel/Colleague, ADP, and Hobsons into Workday. The goal is to provide streamline business processes, improve administrative and end user efficiency, and bring significant improvement in the user experience and access to important data and tools for daily operational needs of all faculty, staff and students.

CCA has already deployed Workday Human Capital Management, Payroll, Financials, Student Recruiting and Student Admissions, as well as several submodules within these core modules. We are now preparing for the largest system migration to date, Workday Student.

Several compelling reasons exist that warrant replacing Colleague with Workday as our student information system (SIS):

Colleague is approaching end of life as a product. No further enhancements are planned, and we expect Ellucian to discontinue supporting it.

A student information system that is seamlessly integrated with our recruiting, admissions and financials system is imperative. Additionally, seamless connection among financial aid, human resources and payroll for workstudy students will bring many benefits in user experience and compliance with employment eligibility for student workers.

Based on our knowledge of Workday Student to date, coupled with our experience with Workday as a platform, Workday Student is expected to bring many improvements for the administrative operations in managing curricula, academic advising, student records, financial aid and student accounts. Workday has the potential to streamline operational workflows, allow greater flexibility in curriculum design for a wide variety of current and future programming needs, increase efficiency and reduce redundancies, allowing for more accurate and timely record keeping, and provide a single system of record for all student information, from prospect through graduation (and potentially beyond).

Below is an illustration of the components included in Workday Student:
Workday Student modules 

Prior to starting the Workday Student implementation project, scheduled to begin in summer of 2017, CCA would benefit from an extensive effort focused on documenting and analyzing our needs, as well as coming to agreement on an approach to implementation. Spending time now on understanding our requirements, planning for resource needs, developing campus buy-in and partnership, and careful selection of an implementation partner will greatly enhance our ability to conduct a successful and highly impactful implementation project starting next summer.

Project Scope: 

Following is a list of research and planning activities proposed for this project. Further definition and clarification of these activities will be defined during the initial project phases, and may result in additional activities defined, or some of these activities de-prioritized or removed from the list.

  1. Documentation & analysis of business processes, functional requirements and organizational roles
  2. Mapping of data flows & system dependencies (integrations)
  3. Data conversion/archive and Colleague retirement plan
  4. Workday product review and gap analysis
  5. Implementation plan and timeline
  6. Communication/change management plan
  7. Project resource plan (focus on CCA resources)
  8. Vendor(s) selection and request for quotes (or RFP)
  9. Estimation of total implementation cost (including consulting fees, CCA resourcing, training, and any other costs)
  10. Project Charter for Workday Student implementation project, including definition of project governance and process

Additionally, these activities are planned as part of this project:

  • Formation of a Workday Student Steering Committee, for the purpose of reviewing the work of the project team and providing guidance and feedback to the team. The steering committee membership will aim to incorporate perspectives and needs for all stakeholder groups that would be impacted by Workday Student, including student and faculty representation. The steering committee will also help to manage change within the community and build support for adoption. We envision the steering committee formed during this planning phase to continue to serve in this capacity during the implementation project.
  • Communicate with the campus about Workday Student and the project planning as often as is reasonable. This will incorporate a multi-channel approach with regular frequency and persistent communication assets that can be referenced on demand and reused. By the time the project starts, all staff, faculty and students at CCA should be aware of the project plan and how they may be impacted.
Project Sponsor: 
Mara Hancock, CIO VP-Technology
Tammy Rae Carland, Provost
Sheri McKenzie, Senior VP Enrollment Services
George Sedano, VP Student Affairs
Laura Hazlett, Chief Financials and Administrative Officer
Project Manager/Lead: 
Michelle Ziegmann
Functional Leads: 
Jerry Allen, Student Records
Dewayne Barnes, Financial Aid
Vicki Breitinger, Student Accounts
Julie Caffey, Academic Affairs
Courtney Chung, Student Affairs
Scott Cline, Enrollment Services and Financial Aid
Samantha Dancel, Financial Aid
Vanessa Gorman, Student Affairs
Mindy Kaplan, Student Records
Peg Leary, Student Records
Jessica McMillan, International Students
Elena Olkhovskaya, Administrative Information Systems
Lisa Stoneman, Academic Affairs
Ken Tanzer, Student Accounts
Lydia Van Nostrand, Administrative Information Systems
Kayoko Wakamatsu, Student Affairs
Ingrid Wells, Student Records