Workday Recruiting

• Internal and External Career Site for candidates to apply for open positions
• Workflow for processing candidates for staff, faculty and student positions
• Mobile capabilities for reviewing and processing candidates and prospective candidates
• Ability for faculty to submit or link to portfolio documents in the application process
• Ability for managers to create job postings, which are then managed by HR to post to career sites
Project Summary: 

This project will implement the Recruiting functionality that is part of Workday's Human Capital Management module. Once implemented, HR staff and hiring managers will be able to use Workday to post jobs, manage job postings, manage and review applicants, and move final candidates through to offer letter generation and into the hire process in Workday.

Current Status: 
Start date: 
Jan 2015
Projected completion: 
Jun 2015
Project Timeline: 
gantt chart
Business Case: 

The process of managing job postings, applications and the offer process is an entirely manual process at CCA. Human Resources and the hiring managers work exclusively through email communications and paper-based forms. Candidates submit applications through file attachments to a centralized email address, and tracking of applicants is manually managed through email, spreadsheets and paper forms. As a result, the hiring process is cumbersome and effort-laden for both HR staff and hiring managers, difficult to report on, and the experience for candidates is often poor. With these processes, our recruiting efforts are less than optimal at recruiting talented candidates for CCA.

Project Scope: 

Workday Recruiting will include the following functionality:

  • An internal career site within Workday, for current staff, faculty and students to search for open positions
  • An external career site, powered by Workday, for external candidates to search for and apply to staff and faculty positions
  • A workflow for processing candidates and hiring that incorporates conditions specific to faculty, staff and student hiring
  • Dashboards for HR recruiting staff, financial aid, Academic Affairs, program chairs and hiring managers
  • Mobile capabilities for reviewing and processing candidates, and referring and saving prospects (potential candidates)
  • Standard questionnaire to be incorporated in the application process.
  • Ability for faculty to submit or link to portfolio documents in application process.
  • Job posting templates for internal and external postings, may be specific to faculty, staff and student positions
  • Ability for HR staff to manage posting and un-posting positions to career sites
  • Standard Workday reporting
Project Sponsor: 
Mara Hancock, CIO
Laura Hazlett, CFO
Project Manager/Lead: 
Michelle Ziegmann
Functional Leads: 
Sherry Kauppi, Human Resources
Erica Mohar, Academic Affairs
Dewayne Barnes, Financial Aid Office
Key Stakeholders: 
Melanie Corn, Provost
Scott Cline, Financial Aid Office