Workday HR/Payroll Implementation

Web based system to support HR and Payroll processes
Manager and employee self service access to their own and their team’s data
Communication, support, and training on the new services
Integration with other CCA systems and services
Project Summary: 

CCA has selected Workday to provide Human Capital Management (HCM) and Payroll business application services, replacing some of the services currently provided by ADP.  This project, Workday Phase 1 Implementation, will run from June through December, 2014, culminating in a “Go Live” on January 1, 2015.

The project team consists of CCA staff from Human Resources, the Business Office, and Educational Technology Services (ETS), and an implementation consulting partner, Collaborative Solutions.  Together, in Phase I, the team will design and configure Workday to support business processes and organizational structure necessary to perform basic human resource management and payroll activities.  Subsequent phases will enable more advanced and value-added Workday functionality, such as performance and talent management, and recruiting.

Workday will help CCA achieve a number of strategic goals.  First and foremost, it will improve CCA’s ability to attract, retain, and manage our most valuable resources, our people.  It will afford authorized users such as managers greater access and visibility to employee data, simultaneously decreasing organizational and regulatory risks by enhancing controls and data security.  It will improve all of our constituents’ user experience, by deploying a modern, well-designed user interface to data and processes.  It will reduce or eliminate tedious duplicative data entry processes, and provide built-in reporting and analytics to support business decision making.

On the technology side, because Workday is a cloud application, traditional costs to host and maintain equipment are eliminated, replaced by predictable recurring subscription expenses.  As a service provider, Workday contractually guarantees the security of CCA’s information and 99+% service availability (up-time).  Workday has also been designed from the ground up to support modern, secure system integration approaches. CCA has included a number of integrations in scope; for example, integrations with our benefits and retirement plan service providers, and with our existing financial management and student information systems.

Project Timeline: 
workday project timeline
Business Case: 

CCA’s current systems for human capital management (HCM) and payroll processing are not sufficiently feature-rich nor comprehensively integrated with each other and with the College’s extended business application infrastructure.  As a consequence, CCA’s constituents have a less than optimal user experience in their day to day work activities, administrative staff spend more time than they would like performing data management and synchronization workarounds (to the detriment of goals to provide more value-added services), managers cannot easily access information about their employees, and executives’ access to strategic organizational information is impeded.

Through a comprehensive needs analysis and competitive evaluation process, CCA has selected Workday to provide HCM/Payroll application services to the College, beginning 1/1/2015.

Project Scope: 

In Phase 1, CCA will implement the following functions in Workday:

  • Human Capital Management is the foundation of Workday.  HCM includes configuring our locations, organizational structure, job codes, job descriptions, employee data, and other basic information that drives the rest of the system.

  • Absence Management is another major functional area that involves setting up sick leave and vacation accruals, and managing other leave types such as FMLA.

  • Benefits Administration involves the rules for granting benefits to various categories of employees based on CCA’s policies.  It also involves exchanging employee data with our benefits providers such as Kaiser, Anthem/Blue Cross, VSP, and TIAA-CREF.

  • Compensation involves managing pay rates and plans for all of CCA’s employee types, management actions to grant pay increases, as well as administer special compensation activities such as stipends or bonuses.

  • Payroll is a key function of Workday, and involves calculating pay and withholding based on rules and formulas configured in the system.  Payroll also includes the functions for interfacing pay to financial institutions and government (tax) authorities.

  • Time Tracking is the area of Workday where employees enter and submit their hours worked, and record or request time off.  Managers use Time Tracking to approve time cards and authorize time off requests.

Next steps

 After the initial launch in January 2015, CCA will pursue implementation of additional functions in the Workday feature set, including the following.  Precise scope commitments and implementation timing are still to be determined.

  • Recruitment and hiring support for faculty

  • Recruitment and hiring support for all staff and student employees

  • Talent management, including goals, performance, reviews, career development, succession planning, peer comparisons
Project Sponsor: 
Laura Hazlett, Chief Financial Officer
Mara Hancock, CIO & VP of Technology
Project Manager/Lead: 
Michelle Ziegmann,Strategic Projects Manager
Functional Leads: 
Sherry Kauppi, Associate VP for Human Resources
Amy Flaherty, Payroll Manager
Todd Larson, Director of Technology Support Services
Key Stakeholders: 
Ken Tanzer, Associate VP, Finance
Melanie Corn, Provost
Cian Phillips, Associate CIO for Information Technology Systems & Services
Noelle Hylton, Director of Administrative Information Systems, ETS
Scott Cline, Director of Financial Aid