Workday Financials Implementation

> The Business Services Office will be able to conduct all financial transactions and operational tasks using Workday instead of Colleague, except for those activities that are tightly integrated with the student system
> Budget managers will be able to access real-time reports of their actuals vs budget, and analyze trends in spending as needed.
> Administration will be able to analyze spending across multiple years and a comprehensive and flexible array of reporting parameters.
> Check requests, purchase orders and expense reimbursement requests can be initiated, approved, processed and completed entirely in Workday, with no need for a paper file.
> Audits and regulatory reporting will be supported through Workday reports generated directly from the general ledger.
> Units who are responsible for management of high value assets, including ETS and Facilities, will be able to track and manage those assets in Workday.
Project Summary: 

With Workday Financials, CCA hopes to continue our progress toward improving operational efficiency and equipping our administration and end users with the tools and access to information necessary to make sound decisions and further the mission of CCA. To this end, we expect Workday Financials to achieve the following benefits to our organization:

  • Timely, accurate, and complete information in a centralized, useable format that eliminates the need for manual exports and manipulation of data and "shadow" spreadsheets
  • Automated, streamlined and well-defined processes for handling financial operations tasks (e.g. submitting expenses, purchase requests, procurement activities) that are fully transparent and accessible to the end user, controlled by appropriate validation and approval steps
  • Empowerment of leadership and budget managers to analyze spending trends across multiple facets, including year-to-year or multi-year, and associated with specific vendors, specific projects, events or categories.
Current Status: 
Start date: 
Sep 2015
Projected completion: 
Jul 2016
Project Timeline: 
Workday Financials Timeline
Business Case: 

CCA currently uses Colleague/Datatel as our financial management system. Several compelling reasons exist that warrant replacing Colleague with Workday for our financial operations. We have already committed to implementing Workday Student when it becomes available, and for CCA, a financial system that is seamlessly integrated with our student system is imperative, as well as a seamless integration with our payroll system.

Our current system has been sufficient for meeting the needs of the business office for financials operations, but has been limited in it's ability to support end users and executive administration. Budget managers and executive administration need to be able to view, in real time, how their funds are being spent, and access and analyze this data to make current and future spending decisions. Executive administration needs to be able to run ad hoc reports across the organization, year-to-year, or by spend categories. These ad hoc reports and advanced analytics are critical to support decision-making.

All financial processes that are initiated from end users outside of the financial office are paper-based and manual, including procurement and expense reimbursements. Workday Financials will allow CCA to move the paper-based processes to online processes, and automate the workflows. As a result, this is expected to significantly improve the efficiency, controls, user experience, and auditability of these processes.

Project Scope: 

CCA has contracted with Meteorix as the implementation partner for this project. The following areas have been determined to be in scope for the July 1, 2016 launch:

  • Financial Accounting
  • Banking and Settlement
  • Supplier Accounts
  • Supplier Contracts
  • Business Assets
  • Expense Management
  • Procurement
  • Reporting & Dashboards

This project will also include the following:

  • Integration with Colleague and our bank
  • Data conversion of the previous 2 fiscal years at summary level
  • Training for end users and the campus community
Project Sponsor: 
Laura Hazlett, Chief Financial and Administration Officer
Mara Hancock, CIO, VP-Technology
Project Manager/Lead: 
Michelle Ziegmann
Functional Leads: 
Ken Tanzer - Financial Accounting, Business Assets Lead
Beth Walton - Procurement, Suppliers, Expenses Lead
Steven Salinas - Reporting, Budgeting, Cross-Functional Lead
Noelle Hylton - Change Management Lead
Schuyler Haines - Technical Operations Lead
Ngoc Lam-Miller - Integrations Lead
Jin Young - Data Dictionary Lead
Key Stakeholders: 
Noah Bartlett, Steering Committee Member
Eli Cochran, Steering Committee Member
Amy Flaherty, Steering Committee Member
Sheri McKenzie, Steering Committee Member
Erica Mohar, Steering Committee Member
Jonathan Ramot, Steering Committee Member