Workday Faculty Recruiting and Academic Appointments

Support for recruiting and hiring of unranked faculty in Workday
Management of Academic Appointments for all faculty in Workday
Use of Committees and Talent functionality to support evidence of practice and evidence of service tracking
Support for recruiting, hiring of ranked faculty in Workday, including Search Committee functionality
Project Summary: 

This project aims to move two significant areas of faculty employment management into Workday that are currently managed through paper processes, email and spreadsheets. Two primary areas of functionality will be addressed:

Academic Appointments: Workday’s functionality for managing Academic Appointments will be implemented, as well as all associated promotion and tenure tracking activities (collectively referred to as APT Tracking). Committees and Talent features will be implemented to support the documentation and reporting of “evidence of service” and “evidence of professional practice” within Workday.

Faculty Recruiting: Currently, all faculty recruiting is handled through email and paper-based processes. Academic Affairs seeks to use Workday Recruiting functionality to support recruiting and candidate management for both unranked and ranked faculty. Unranked faculty are primarily managed by program chairs, who could also benefit from the associated candidate pool and prospect tracking functionality. Ranked faculty are managed through search committees. By implementing Workday’s Committee functionality, it will be possible to enable a search committee to review and manage candidates for these positions.

Current Status: 
On schedule
Start date: 
Nov 2016
Projected completion: 
Jun 2017
Business Case: 

For nearly 2 years, faculty employment has been managed primarily in Workday, including management of faculty contracts. However, several key processes still are managed outside of Workday through spreadsheets, documents, email and paper based processes. In order to better serve faculty, we will create a more systematized process within Workday.  The processes will empower faculty, deans, chairs, Academic Affairs and Human Resources to have more transparent, comprehensive and efficient processes for managing recruitment, employment and Appointments, Promotion and Tenure Tracking for our faculty. 

Project Scope: 
Project Sponsor: 
Tammy Rae Carland, Provost
Mara Hancock, CIO, VP-Technology
Project Manager/Lead: 
Michelle Ziegmann
Functional Leads: 
Lisa Stoneman, Academic Affairs
Em Meine, Academic Affairs
Rachel Jaddu, Human Resources
Key Stakeholders: