Workday Faculty

• Academic Affairs staff will be able to use Workday to generate faculty contracts and eliminate paper triplicate contracts.
• Faculty contract details will be discoverable and reportable through Workday.
• The Academic organization, including divisions, programs and faculty, will be accurately represented in Workday.
• Division Deans and Program Chairs will be able to appropriately manage faculty within their division/program.
• If the features prove to be sufficient, Academic Affairs will be able to use Workday to manage faculty appointments and committee participation.
• Duplicate data entry will be eliminated, saving time and reducing errors.
Project Summary: 

This project has two primary objectives:

  • Support the faculty contracting process in Workday
  • Explore the use of Workday's new Academic Foundation modules to improve the representation of the academic organization, and configuration of faculty pay

Using Workday as the system of record for faculty, much of the paper-based, manual, and standalone processes of faculty contracting can be consolidated into a traceable, transparent and operationally-efficient workflow.

Current Status: 
Start date: 
Jan 2015
Projected completion: 
Jul 2015
Project Sponsor: 
Melanie Corn, Provost
Mara Hancock, CIO, VP-Technology
Laura Hazlett, CFO
Project Manager/Lead: 
Michelle Ziegmann
Functional Leads: 
Erica Mohar, Academic Affairs
Key Stakeholders: 
Sherry Kauppi, Human Resources
Amy Flaherty, Payroll & Benefits