Housing Symplicity

Business Process Modeling: Document internal policies and procedures specific to RL housing. Identify current and future system and reporting needs (10.31.2014)
Procurement: Check references (11.15.2014)
Procurement: Contract review and approval (12.19.2014)
Kick-Off : Symplicity Kick-Off (1.27.2015)
Planning: Project Charter and Project Timeline (2.2.15)
Execution Phase I : Implement Items in Scope for Phase I (1.28.2015)
User Acceptance Phase I: Testing Current State vs Future State (3.16.2015)
Documentation Phase I: Procedures, Cheat Sheets, Reporting Etc (4.9.2015)
Go-Live Phase I: Process RL housing in Symplicity. Legacy systems will be retired. (4.15.2015)
Post Go-Live Closeout I: Lessons Learned, Identify Processing Gaps and Document, Identify Post Go-Live Projects (5.1.2015)
Execution Phase II: Implement Items in Scope for Phase II (5.4.2015)
User Acceptance Phase II: Testing Current State vs Future State (6.19.2015)
Documentation Phase II: Procedures, Cheat Sheets, Reporting Etc (6.26.2015)
Go-Live Phase II: Process RL housing Phase II functionality in Symplicity. Legacy systems will be retired.(6.30.2015)
Post Go-Live Closeout Phase II: Lessons Learned,Identify Processing Gaps and Document, Identify Post Go-Live Projects ( 7.10.2015)
Controlling Phases I and II: Monitor project, budget, resources, scope and lessons learned (Continuous)
Project Summary: 


  1. Streamline the current process for tracking Resident Life (RL) records by eliminating shadow databases and manual record keeping.     

  2. RL Staff will have the capability to record maintenance/facility matters and hold students accountable for damages.

  3. Ability to have students pay bills online and reduce the number of mailed checks.  

  4. Student will be able conduct roommate matching searches .   

  5. Functionality to store summer programs and conference information.

  6. A way to track key inventory and ability to charge students for lost keys etc.  

  7. A reporting tool that can maintain and report on any data field for comprehensive occupancy, retention and application reports.  
Current Status: 
Start date: 
01 2015
Projected completion: 
08 2015
Project Scope: 

Symplicity will provide remote training during the implementation. There are two phases of the project the first phase has a go-live date of April 15, 2015 and the second phase is estimated to end by July 15, 2015. 

Symplicity implementation includes the following functionality:

  • Housing and Residential Living System:  1-500 beds (this will be increased to 501 in July 1, 2015)

  • Summer Conference Management System: Provides complete customizations of conference/camps and allows staff to request all details for the conference/camp including move-in/move-out dates, meal options, rooms, field equipments   

  • Guest Tracker Module: Allows staff to track anyone (students, guests, etc) coming in and out of resident halls via online kiosk where a student can either enter their ID and/or guest’s personal information.  

  • SIS Integration Two-Way: Integration of data through a scheduled automated import of information between Residence and OPC CCA’s payment gateway via secure file transfer protocol (sFTP).  During phase two of the project we will work with Symplicity’s professional services team and OPC to create real time payments.   

  • Reporting: Delivered and Ability to Customize Reports

Project Sponsor: 
Mara Hancock, CIO
George Luis Sedano, VP Student Affairs
Jeannine Szamreta, Dean of Students
Project Manager/Lead: 
Noelle Hylton
Functional Leads: 
Noelle Hylton, Project Manager
Monique Butler, Co-Project Manager
Ashley Sousa, Functional Owner
Schuyler Haines, Technical Owner
Key Stakeholders: 
Kayoko Wakamatsu, AVP Student Affairs
TBD, Assistant Director of Housing Administration & Operations
Alicia Bell, Coordinator, Residential Life
Nina Sadek, Dean of Special Programs
Matt Silady, Chair of Comics
Vicki Breitinger, Student Accounts Supervisor
Robynne Royster, Director of Admissions