Document Management System for BSO Accounts Payable

Implement DMS allowing staff to digitally store documents, imitate current manual workflows, and access documents securely and remotely
Introduce use of eForms to support specific business processes in the DMS
Project Summary: 

This project continues the next phase of the campus implementation of the Document Management System (DMS) ImageNow. In this phase, the DMS will be implemented for the Business Services Office - Account Payable unit. Once implemented , the DMS will:

  • streamline the workflows
  • shorten inter-campus paper based process turnaround time
  • eliminate paper processes to ease a paper filing/storage problem
  • facilitate searches for information within and among documents
  • avoid loss of documents
  • provide a repository of documents for use in audits
  • address inquiries on document status in workflows. 

Reporting and information out of the DMS will also help to balance workload. 

Current Status: 
Start date: 
Jul 2014
Projected completion: 
Apr 2015
Project Timeline: 
DMS for Business Office project timeline
Business Case: 

Purchase orders, check requests (payments to vendors), and reimbursements (employee reimbursements) are currently managed on paper (manual process). All approvals and decisions are paper-based, manual workflows.

Having 2 campuses, requests might take days to reach all approving parties, risking the chance of forms getting lost in the process or simply being stacked in someone's paper inbox. Requests not being processed in a timely manner can negatively impact the College, resulting in late fees or frustrated payees.

Employee productivity is affected by time used to access documents. Accessing a document could mean having to dig through years worth of boxes stacked in a separate room. This is also brings up the issue of storage space that needs to be allocated for years worth of documents. 

Project Scope: 

Introduce the use of eForms to support specific business processes.

Implement a DMS across all departments that allows staff to:

  • Digitally store documents
  • Imitate current manual workflows
  • Access such documents securely and remotely

The business office will be responsible for communicating with campus users of this service about how the new services will be used and how to access them.

Project Sponsor: 
Mara Hancock, CIO VP-Technology
Laura Hazlett, CFO
Ken Tanzer, VP Finance
Project Manager/Lead: 
Luis Pena-Phillippedes
Functional Leads: 
Luis Pena-Phillippedes
Key Stakeholders: 
Keith McGee, AP Supervisor
Beth Walton, Assoc Director Financial Services