Student Email For Life Policy

California College of the Arts offers and encourages the use of electronic mail services in support of the academic and public service mission of the College, and in the administrative functions that support this mission. An extension of these services include Student Email for Life (SEL) for eligible members of the student body once they separate from CCA. The service allows users to keep their CCA email upon their departure. This policy addresses eligibility criteria and proper use of SEL services provided by CCA, while recognizing the Terms of Use for the service may change periodically.


This policy applies to all email services provided, owned or funded in part by California College of the Arts under the Student Email for Life program; and to all users of such services regardless of intended use.


Student Email for Life service is intended for the private use of authorized, College-affiliated individuals.

Appropriate Use

SEL users are encouraged to use these services in a manner consistent with all applicable laws and policies. Users are strongly requested to refrain from using the service for commercial, political, or business use such as selling products. Any use which does not respect the image and reputation of California College of the Arts is improper and may result in termination of user privileges.


The following groups of individuals are eligible for SEL services:

Alumni: for purposes of this policy, an alumnus/a is defined as any student who successfully completed at least two semesters, and who leaves CCA in good academic and disciplinary standing.

Affiliates: individuals not categorized above whom the affiliated Office has approved for business reasons (e.g., Provost and President).


SEL Users understand that they may periodically receive email communications from CCA and/ or affiliated organizations. CCA will take all reasonable steps to protect the privacy of SEL users, including but not limited to, not making email addresses available to any non-affiliated organization.


SEL users are expected to set up and manage their own email address, and any necessary administrative procedures to manage their user profiles.

Procedures & Guidelines

All existing email usage guidelines apply to the usage of SEL services as they do to the usage of the CCA email services in general.

Any person who uses the College SEL consents to all of the provisions of this policy and agrees to comply with all of its terms and conditions, and with all applicable state and federal laws and regulations. Violations of the policy may result in loss of usage privileges.

Former staff: If a CCA staff person was formerly a student at the college, upon termination of employment from the college, the manager or department may request a different email address be created for alumni use for the former employee.

Staff who become students: If a CCA staff person’s employment at the college is terminated, and the former staff person becomes a student, upon enrollment as a student, the manager or department may request a different email address be created for student use for the former employee.

Revision History

06-APR-2008: Draft policy
09-APR-2009: Approved by majority of Technology Planning Committee
29-OCT-2012: Edited to account for changes due to GAE adoption
11-SEP-2013: Updated