Mass Email Policy

Our email system provides the capability to communicate rapidly and widely to internal audiences through mass or broadcast email to CCA email addresses. Many consider the use of broadcast emails spam, so this medium should be used carefully and conservatively to maximize the impact of important messages. Use should be restricted to the communication of:

  • official college business that impacts everyone on that particular list
  • vital information that affects a large number of faculty, staff, and/or students, i.e. power outages, mechanical systems failures, and other emergencies, last minute or urgent changes to the academic calendar.

Mailing Lists

This policy sets out the guidelines and the procedure for the use of three mailing lists:



These lists are used to communicate official information. Everyone at CCA is required to be a member of one of these lists. No one may opt out.

These lists are not designed for announcing events and activities. College-sponsored events and news are posted to the CCA website,, and are updated daily. For more information, contact the Web Manager at Events may also be posted to the public email folder, CCA News, by CCA email users.

Mailing Lists
Mass emails do not replace individual or department mailing lists or listservs. Academic programs and administrative departments may develop their own internal and external mailing lists. For more information, contact the Helpdesk at

Each list has a moderator who is authorized to send mass mailings to their list. The President and/or his designated representatives are able to send to all three lists. Messages to faculty-l will come from the Provost (or designated representative); messages to student-l will come from the Vice President for Student Affairs (or designated representative); messages to staff-l will come from the Director of Human Resources (or designated representative).
In case of community-wide time sensitive or emergency notification, select offices may be given conditional posting rights to these lists.

Messages should be brief and not contain attachments. Messages may refer to a web page with more detailed information.


Only authorized parties (moderators) may send mass email messages, and are responsible for assuring that the purpose and content of the message is appropriate to the list. To send a mass email message to one of the above lists, contact the moderator(s).
Approved January 2007