Digital Fine Art Studio (DFAS) Policies

Printing/Scanning Policies

Reservations: Students are allotted 5 – 1 hour printing reservations per week.  Photography Students are allotted 3 – 1 hour scanning reservations per week. Non-Photography Students are allotted 1 – 1 hour scanning reservation per week.

Arrival: Please arrive promptly for your reserved appointment and include file/equipment preparation in your plans so as to best be able to maximize your time for printing/scanning.

Time Management: Please plan ample time to allow yourself to complete what you intend to do, as printing/scanning should take up most of your allotted time. The DFAS is a shared studio resource, so please do no inconvenience fellow users by starting large print jobs when most your allotted time is already past. Be aware of when the DFAS closes and allow yourself time to finish printing/scanning, save/transfer files, pack your personal belongings, and make payments if necessary before closing time.

Late: If you are going to be late for your reserved appointment time, please communicate that to us ahead of time. You will be allotted a 15 minute grace period at the beginning of any 1-hour reservation, with no questions asked. If you arrive after this time, or do not arrive at all, that particular reservation time will be forfeited, and you will be give a “NO-SHOW (see cancellation policy below).”

Cancellations: If you are unable to attend a reserved appointment, you must cancel that appointment in the DFAS Scheduler at least 24 hours in advance, or in cases of emergency, contact the DFAS staff during business hours. If we do not receive notice of your absence, you will be marked as a “NO SHOW.” Users with 3 “NO SHOWS” will not be able to reserve through the DFAS Scheduler for the remainder of the semester, their usage will be on a drop-in basis only (see drop-in policy below).

Drop-In Usage: If, during normal business hours, a printer or scanner is not reserved/being used, students are welcome to drop-in and use said equipment until it otherwise becomes unavailable. There are no limitations on drop-in usage for reasonable use.