Digital Color Center (DCC) Policies

File Submissions

  • Users may submit files in person or to the DCC FTP Fileshare
  • All files must be accompanied by a completed Work Request Form and will not be printed until the form has been received.
  • Accepted Files Types are JPEG, (Flattened) TIFF, (Flattened) PSD, & PDF 
  • Your file will be printed exactly as it is submitted. We will not crop, resize, or otherwise edit your file.
  • Please remember to check all of the following when submitting your file: size, resolution, spelling (if there is text), borders, and color appearance.


  • All prints made at the DCC must paid for using your CCA print account. 
  • You can add funds to your account here.
  • You must pay for your print. If you attempt to not pick up and pay for your print, we will put a hold on your print account, until the matter is resolved.

Print Production & Refund Policies

  • The DCC's print refund policy is in line with the college's Digital Print Policy.
  • We will do everything we can to have your files printed and ready for return as quickly as possible. The schedule for print return times is outlined in the DCC Price Guide, and we make every effort to be as fast and as accurate as possible.
  • We do not assume any responsibility for print jobs being completed in time for project or assignment deadlines, as that is the responsibility of the user to plan accordingly. This includes the possibility of any technical errors resulting in longer than normal print times.
  • We will not color correct your file. If color accuracy is important to you we highly encourage you to request a free 6"x width of your print (up to 44") test strip prior to submitting your file print.
  • We are not responsible for any errors in your files. We make every effort to inspect all files before printing, and will contact you if we see anything noticeably wrong before printing to confirm if it is in fact a problem or not.
  • It is your responsibility to inspect your print before leaving the DCC.
  • If, upon inspecting your print, an error caused by the Technician or printer is discovered, we will replace your print as quickly as we are able to do so.
  • We will not cut your prints down to size. You will receive your print, printed with crop marks, and may use the rotary trimmers or straight edge and Xactio blade provided by the DCC.