This weekend we turned off the old 'CCA' network on the Oakland campus, and will be doing the same in San Francisco tonight (Monday 2/1/16). If you haven't done so already, please register your devices on the "CCA New" network. Please let us know if you are experiencing any wireless related issues as quickly as possible by email helpdesk@cca.edu or calling 510.594.5010Thanks again to everyone for your help as we put these new systems in place!


The new wireless network and authentication system is up and running in Oakland and we should be launching SF next week. To be on the safe side, we will leave the old ‘CCA’ network up and available for the rest of this week, but please begin using the ‘CCA New’ network as soon as you are able. When we are confident the new system is working well for everyone we will remove the old ‘CCA’ network and rename ‘CCA New’ to CCA. 

 Accessing the new wireless network for the first time is slightly more complicated / time consuming than the previous system, especially for those individuals using the SF wireless, which has been wide open for the past several years. The good news is that once you’ve registered a device (phone, laptop, and/or tablet) on either campus, you will not need to re-register the device unless you are away from both campuses for more than three weeks at a time. In addition, better security measures ensure that our community members get the full benefit of our wireless and Internet bandwidth, and are no longer competing with or exposed to unknown users on our network. Again, we are still working out the wrinkles before activating the system on our SF campus so please bear with us. We welcome your thoughts / experiences so please share them with us by emailing us at helpdesk@cca.edu.

Using the New CCA Wireless Authentication System

Device Registration (CCA New)



The new network (CCA New) will operate differently than the old network. On the new network, when you are prompted for your CCA username and password (not CCA/CCA), the system is not only verifying you are who you say you are, but it is also registering your device with the system so that, as long as the device has not been away from the campus for more than 21 consecutive days, the system will remember that the device is allowed on the network and will not require you to enter your credentials again.



The cost for this great new feature is that the process of registering your device can take up to three minutes depending on what kind of device you are using. This is the time it takes for your device to recognize that it is on a different network and to ask for and receive the new network settings required for accessing the network.




We find that some devices are able to change their network settings much faster than others making the process faster for some laptops, phones and tablets. Please be patient with this process. It really can take up to three minutes for a device to recognize that it has changed networks and update its settings. The good news is that if you use your device on the network frequently, you shouldn’t ever have to re-register that same device.




Guest Network (CCA Guest)



We now have a dedicated guest network that doesn’t require a CCA account for access. We will not continue to support the generic CCA/CCA credentials for guest access to the wireless network.




Instead, guests can choose the CCA Guest network and enter their email address, first and last name, and mobile number to gain access to the CCA wireless network. New guests will be emailed their credentials and taken to a login page with the credentials prefilled.




Submitting this form will take the guest to a success page showing a progress bar until the device is registered on the CCA Guest network.




We find that some devices are able to change their network settings much faster than others, making the process faster for some laptops, phones and tablets. Please be patient with this process. It really can take up to three minutes.  


This new system gives us a better sense of who is on our network and gives us better visibility and control over what resources guests have access to and how much bandwidth they are able to consume. Not all systems will be available via the CCA Guest network and there will be bandwidth limitations to ensure plenty of bandwidth for our authenticated users. If you have credentials, you really should be using the main CCA New wireless network.




Troubleshooting / FAQ

  • I can’t seem to get to the authentication page.

    • Try a new private or incognito browsing window.

    • Try quitting and restarting your browser.

    • Try going to a site that you haven’t been to recently.

  • Are you scanning my computer?

    • No, the way this system is currently configured does not give it any visibility into your private systems.

  • What is it doing during the long registration period?

    • It is waiting for your device to recognize that it has been placed on a new network and has to request new network settings.

  • When will my device registration expire?

    • Authenticated device registration on the CCA New network will remain active until the device has been inactive (not on the network) for a period of 21 days or greater.

    • Registration on the CCA Guest network will remain active for eight hours.

  • Can anyone use the CCA Guest network?

    • Yes, but if you have credentials, registering your device on the CCA New network will save you a lot of time and re-registration in the long run.