Web Hosting & FTP

Educational Technology Services offers a website hosting server for student and faculty use called Fluxus (fluxus.cca.edu)!

Using a file transfer (FTP) program such as Transmit or Cyberduck, you can move files to the "Sites" folder in your home directory from your personal computer, or vice versa.  File transfers can be accomplished from on-campus or off-campus. Use the following SFTP settings:

  • SFTP
  • Host Name: fluxus.cca.edu
  • Port: 22
  • User Name: (username)
  • Password: (email password)
  • Path:   /Users/yourusernamehere


Once your content has been uploaded, it will be available at the URL: http://fluxus.cca.edu/~username

Replace 'username' with your own username, and appending the uploaded folder/file paths if necessary.