Single Sign-On FAQs

For more information about this project, visit the project page.

What Web Services are included in this project?

The team has identified the following services as good candidates for incorporating into the new system. We will keep this table updated with progress on unifying the login process as the project progress. 

Service Description Status
Voicethread A tool for course-based, rich media discussions* Launched
EZ Proxy Access to services, including* Launched
Google Apps for Education Gmail, Calendar, Drive, Google+, etc.* Launch in Fall 2016
Vault Online repository of digital resources created by CCA community, supports teaching & learning, accreditation & assessment Deferred
Moodle Learning management system* Launched
WebAdvisor Access to student profile, financial and course information* Deferred
EZProxy Access to instructional content on a wide variety of topics* Launched Access to Launched
Virtual EMS Event reservation and management system* Deferred
CCA Portal The campus portal Launched
Workday Time and Infomation resource Launched
Salesforce Sales tracking Cloud Based Application Launched
Simplicity Student Housing Cloud Based Application Launched

What does Web Service Access Management mean?

Web Service Access Management, or Identity and Access Management, refers to the infrastructure that allows you to login to web sites and services that are managed by the college. It ensures that the right people have access to the right tools, thus keeping college and individual data secure and appropriately private, but also making access to tools easier and more seamless. It also enables college community members to create and use a single user-name and password, making the college's online services and tools much easier to access and use.

How will this affect CCA staff, faculty and students?

Over the next several months, ETS will be migrating the authentication (login) process for each of the above web services. Once a service goes live with the new authentication process, users will be redirected to a new screen to login. This same login screen will be used for all services, so you'll soon become familiar with it as all of our services begin using it. The screen will look similar to this. We'll be sure to make it clear on this page that you are in the right place before entering your username and password:


Another change you'll soon start to notice is that once you've logged into one web service using the new system, you'll find you're automatically logged into any other web service that has been migrated. This is called Single Sign-On, and we believe it will help us all to be more efficient, as well as more secure.

What about other web services not listed above?

We have included all of the systems that are currently managed by our identity management infrastructure plus some of the new services we have planned to launch for the remainder of this calendar year. As soon as the initial round of services are launched, there are a number of other services on our list to assess their capability for rolling into the new system. All new systems that are being planned will be incorporated into the new identity and access management system. If there is a service you access regularly and would like to make sure it is on our list, contact Cian Phillips.

Why is CCA upgrading?

CCA has basic identity management capabilities to support login and access to web services, but it is somewhat fractured across different systems and users. As the number and complexity of our web services has grown, we have had to implement several workarounds and custom processes to accommodate each of them. We have reached a point where it is necessary to consolidate how users are identified and access rights are managed, and upgrade to a holistic, more mature and capable system. With a new system, on-going maintenance will be less expensive, and new systems can be incorporated more easily.

This upgrade is also a prerequisite to another planned project to deliver a campus portal or intranet.

What is a campus portal?

While this project does not include development of a portal, it is a prerequisite to that project, and one of the key drivers to upgrade our identity and access management system. A unified intranet and portal will provide a way to help streamline and improve communication with faculty, staff and students. The faculty and students are asking for a more seamless user experience as they move between campus online environments and disparate services. To design a user experience that helps to support that need and brings applicable data to the surface in the portal or intranet as appropriate for that user (based on web services), the college infrastructure needs to have a more nuanced understanding of what role(s) that user has and in what groups they are a member. Here are several examples. Imagine...

... a staff member logs in to the portal and on her dashboard can see: new messages waiting in her email inbox, meetings and events scheduled for that day, a reminder that she needs to approve timesheets for her employees, and a notification that there are 3 new applicants for her the position for which she is recruiting -- all with links to go directly to the web service from where this information originated.

...a final semester senior logs into the portal and is greeted with a message that says, "Congratulations on reaching your final semester! Don't forget you will need to sign up to walk in graduation by March 10. Check your MyCCA to-do list for all the steps you need to take to get there!" The MyCCA To-Do list has a My Graduation action item that links to the 5 steps they need to complete in order to walk in graduation and have their parents and family members attend the ceremony.

...a first-time adjunct faculty member who was hired for the upcoming fall semester logs-in to the portal for the first time. They have not yet completed their emergency contact information, and have no idea of what services may be available to them at the college. They are greeted with a message that says, "Hello, Professor Adjunct! Welcome to CCA. Your new faculty orientation will be on Friday, August 11 [all the details are then included]. Meanwhile, we recommend that you view this virtual introduction to the core services that CCA offers to support your teaching. Review your to-do list (look to the right) for important deadlines and Events for upcoming public lectures."

The Web Services Access Management Upgrade will allow us to begin making scenarios like these a reality.