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hp designjet t2500

HP DesignJet T 2500


  • Prints on 2 - 36" wide rolls of 32 lb. HP Heavyweight Universal Coated Paper.
  • Prints using 6 cartridge HP Pigment Based Ink (cyan, gray, magenta, matte black, photo black, & yellow)
  • Printing costs are $3.15/square foot. 
  • Prints at approximate speed of 1 foot per minute. 
  • Students will have access to printers 24/7

***Note: Staff Support Hours for devices are Monday - Friday 8am - 6pm.*** 

Best Practices:

  • Always keep 2 copies of your file: 1 copy should be your master file that includes editable layers that you can always return to to make changes. 1 copy should be your print file, which has all layers flattened to reduce the size of the file sent to the printer, allowing it to print faster. 
  • Recommended file formats: JPEG, PDF, PNG
  • Minimum page setup size is 12"x12" 
  • Please do not print directly from a USB drive or web browser, drag your file to the desktop before opening it in any program for printing. 
  • Please plan ahead when you have a print assignment due. The best way to reduce anxiety when making a large print is to not print at the last minute, leaving no time for error should one arise. 

Printing Instructions 

  • Please refer to the helpsheet shown below for the correct printing procedures on the HP DesignJet T 2500. 

***Note: Paper copies of the helpsheet can be procured from the Lab Monitor in SF Lab D.***

Printing Instructions

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