Media Center FAQ

Listed below are some frequently asked questions about the Media Center Check-out:

  1. How do I check out equipment from the Media Center as a new Student?
    • You may check out equipment after reading and signing the Media Center User Agreement in WebAdvisor.
    • Bring your student ID to the Media Center to confirm your account status.
  2. When is Equipment Due?
    • Before 12pm after the two-day checkout period has expired.
    • Exceptions: Thursday/Friday checkout due on Monday before 12pm
  3. What kind of equipment is available for checkout?
    • Laptops, SLR Digital Still Cameras, Point and Shoot Still Cameras, High Definition Video Cameras, Standard Definition Video Cameras, Tripods, Lighting Kits, Digital Audio Recorders, Microphones, Headphones, Speakers, Boomboxes, Digital Projectors, Displays, Displays with built in DVD Players, PA Systems, Cinema Displays, Overhead Projectors, Flash Media Players, Wacom Tablets and Pens.
  4. What happens if I am late returning my Equipment?
    • You will have to pay a fine per item and day. We accept cash and checks in the Media Centers only. For credit card payments, the Media Center will give an invoice for you to pay in Student Accounts. ¬†You will need to return the proof of payment in order for the fine to be removed in the checkout system.
  5. What happens if I lose or damage equipment?
    • You are responsible for the replacement¬†cost of any lost, stolen or broken equipment.
  6. How do I reserve class presentation equipment?
    • Oakland campus: Reserve Laptops, Video/Digital projectors, etc. from Ozem Roberts or Robert Morrison at the Media Center two weeks in advance.
    • San Francisco campus: Video/Digital projectors, etc. from Kevin Droese or Raphael Radna at the Media Center two weeks in advance.
  7. What type of equipment is available for overnight checkout?
    • Any equipment other than computers and PA's.

Please contact Media Services with any additional questions.