File Management Tips

At CCA, you will be working on several projects all at once, and it can get confusing if you do not have an organized system to store all your media and project files. Fortunately, it is not difficult to cultivate a fairly basic system of data management.

Folder Structures

First, create a project folder somewhere in your home folder. Then you can further create sub folders accordingly to what types of media you intend to use in your project. For example, a video project could include the following sub folders: video footage (capture scratch), audio, stills (images), & render files.

File Naming Conventions

Nomenclature: the naming of your files and folders in an orderly system that you can easily remember or decode. Saving multiple versions of the same file without a nomenclature system can make it confusing and time-consuming when trying to find the proper version.

A Clean Desktop

Use the Desktop only as a temporary folder to reduce unwanted clutter and to help streamline your workflow.

iPhoto warning

iPhoto is a great application for people who only intend to show their photos as slide shows (like sculptors, artists, etc…). iPhoto’s convention for storing photos is based on a convoluted system of dates, duplicates, thumbnails, and a limited browser that, however useful for showing a batch of photos, is not recommended for project management. We suggest that you store your images manually in an images folder with sub folders, or envelope your images in a project folder accordingly to each project. This way, if you ever move your project file, all daughter files will follow the parent files.