Backups, Partitions & Storage Tips

Backing Up Your Data

It is very important to backup your data frequently, as accidents are a part of everyday life with computers. Hit the save command often while making changes to your project. Save multiple versions in case you are experimenting with destructive changes and might want to go back to an older version. Periodically, you should also backup your data onto other storage devices such as external hard drives and cloud storage services.

Partitioning Your Hard Drive

If you are planning on moving Gigabytes of data frequently, you may want to consider partitioning your hard drive. This will keep things like your operating system, home folder, and applications separate from all of your media files. This can be helpful when the size of your project start to take up the majority of your drive space, and you continually save those projects onto other drives.

Video Editing & Storage

If you intend on editing video on your laptop, you should purchase an external hard drive to store your media. Not only can video take up massive amounts of hard drive space, but it also will not run as smoothly on hard drives found in most laptops, and will affect the final output of your video project by dropping frames. We suggest that you acquire an external firewire hard drive that spins at a minimum of 7200rpm, and is double the size of your internal hard drive. You may also want to consider partitioning the external hard drive if you will be working on several different kinds of projects and will back up onto other hard drives.