Lecture Capture / Videography Policy


The Media Center will make an edited video of events that occur in Nahl Hall or Timken Hall at a cost to the department of $440 minimum ($55 hourly with a 4 hour minimum for video and 4 minimum for editing). Videography must be requested by a Program Manager or other authorized staff through Virtual EMS at least two weeks prior to your event. Cancellation of AV support within 48 hours results in a charge to the department. The event is shot from a wide angle, close-up and a slide capture, the CCA logo and any other sponsor logos you would like to add are added to the file. The turnaround for final edit is approx two weeks; three DVD's are produced and if the speaker signed that their lecture could be available ot the public, a digital file is given to communications for posting to the CCA youtube channel. One DVD is archived in the CCA library and 2 are delivered to the department to redistribute as they see fit. The Media Center does not archive the events, nor are we reposible for the trunaround time of the online posting after the digital file is sent to Communications.

Here is an example of our services: Paul Madonna: Comics in the City Lecture Series at CCA

We welcome hiring your own an outside videographer for your event, rather than our services, if you would like and they may set-up in the halls. However, outside videographers may NOT plug into our board for sound or enter our video booth under any circumstances.

We do not offer video services for events not in Timken or Nahl.

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