Help the Helpdesk Help You!

Here's a quick new way to get help with your computer when and where you need it. ETS has partnered with TeamViewer to enable remote access to your CCA staff computer. Upon your request, our Helpdesk Team will be able to take remote control of your machine to troubleshoot and resolve problems. 

What you need to do:

Download and save TeamViewer QuickSupport and follow the instructions.

Then, when contacting the Helpdesk and remote control assistance is requested, launch the TeamViewer QuickSupport widget. Your Helpdesk Specialist can help you find this, if necessary.

Finally, a pop-up window will appear, requesting you to authorize viewing and remote control of your desktop. Click "Allow".

Now, the Helpdesk Specialist will be able to troubleshoot your computer problem via remote control.

If you have questions or concerns about the use of this technology please see our ETS principles and values.


CCA Helpdesk Team