New Print Accounting Software: PaperCut to be introduced at CCA this summer

This summer we are changing our print accounting software from PCounter to PaperCut. 

PaperCut will offer the CCA community a great deal more flexibility and will streamline the management of printing at CCA, providing an easier, more transparent experience for all users. 

Thus, from Monday June 2, 2014 through Friday June 13, 2014 all academic-use color printers & print spaces (DCC & DFAS) will be unavailable for usage, black and white printing will still be available during this transition period. 

We apologize for any inconvenience that miss may cause your summer workload, but we promise an improved user & support experience upon completing the change to PaperCut.

For more information:

Please direct any questions/concerns to Matthew Gordon, Manager of 2D Output Services.