Rapidly Prototyping: CCA and Woomoo make Prototyping on Paper (POP) app freely available to all students!

Have an app idea? Draw it on paper and use POP to make it run on your phone!

Sketching is cheap and engineering is expensive. That's the saying of the interaction designer who finds it critical to sketch as many ideas as possible in the easiest medium possible. The easiest medium is paper and pen, however paper and pen lack dynamic links and animation. For the next stage, new digital tools are available that enable the designer to capture those sketches and link them dynamically with hotspots to create an app that runs on a smartphone

In the past this step was tedious, but thanks to new apps like POP (https://popapp.in/) prototyping can be done in a few minutes for a simple app. The designer can then demonstrate the design to users and stakeholders, get critical feedback and refine and improve the design. POP fills the gap between the the napkin and the screen - the tool disappears, leaving our students free to focus on the challenge of awesome interface design. Free to CCA students by registering with their @cca.edu email address. Special thanks to Lei Lei Wu, the Community Team @ POP, and Kristian Simsarian, Chair, Interaction Design.

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