A new email phising message has been received by some members of our community. If you receive the message shown in the screen capture below, DO NOT CLICK on the links enclosed. Please do report that you have received this phishing email to the Helpdesk.

Phishing Message Alert: Today some of you received an especially well-crafted email phishing attack. While most phishing scams are identifiable by the use of false URLs, bad grammar, and phony logos, this one works within Google Drive itself, so appeared to be legitimate (even the security certificate is correct). When accessed, the user is prompted by a false Google login dialog which captures credentials behind the scenes. More information

As October marks the 11th anniversary of National Cybersecurity Awareness Month (NCSAM), ETS recognizes that safe online practices are the shared responsibility of our entire community. It is our mission to actively educate the CCA community on these issues, and provide services to keep our campus safe from phishing and other intrusions into our digital environment.