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Media Center Policy


Oakland Media Center (510) 594-3731
San Francisco Media Center (415) 551-9240 
Open 8AM to 8PM Monday-Thursday, 8AM to 6PM Friday
Summer Hours 9am - 4pm 
Closed Weekends 


• Students who are currently enrolled in classes at CCA may reserve and check out equipment.
• Current Faculty and Staff may reserve and check out AV equipment as well as laptops and video projectors. Video Projectors and Laptops are for in class use only.
• You must always show a CCA ID with a current semester sticker and have read and agreed to the updated school yearʼs Media Center Policies to check out equipment. (Available on WebAdvisor or in print upon request). We do not accept Driverʼs Licenses or Credit Cards for equipment checkout.
• First priority for equipment and services is given to instruction and academically related projects.
• Remaining resources are available by approval and on a first-come, first-serve basis.
Please keep your Media Center account updated with your current address and phone number by updating in WebAdvisor.


 • We expect you to have a working knowledge of the operation and care of equipment you check out. If you are unfamiliar with the equipment, please ask to schedule a tutorial.
• Check that equipment is in working order and that all components are in the kit before you leave the Media Center.
• Always make sure to inform the staff of any irregularities before you leave, as you are immediately responsible for equipment under your name once you leave the Media Center.
• You are financially responsible for any equipment checked out in your name, including lost, stolen and damaged items.  Even in the event that equipment is stolen, a hold will be placed on a student's account until the financial obligation is paid off. 

  • Equipment and other resources provided by CCA are not insured against loss, theft or damage by borrowers.  Therefore, we strongly urge all families to contact their insurance agent and check their homeowners or renters insurance policy to see if it provides such coverage; and to considerobtaining personal property coverage if it does not. Wells Fargo Insurance Services has teamed up with CSI Protection to offer students personal property coverage.  For more information, please visit 
    Please note that CCA is not affiliated with, nor does it endorse any particular insurance vendor or its products.

• You must WAIT until your equipment is returned before exiting the Media Center to ensure that all items have been returned and are in working condition.

• Use only SONY Mini DV Cassettes in our Mini DV Cameras.
• Do not leave equipment unattended or in a car!
• Do not take any equipment to the beach or expose it to sand, water, or extreme heat/cold.
• Due to space limitations, and turn around times, we cannot guarantee that batteries will be charged when you pick up equipment.
• You are responsible to return all equipment with charged batteries to ensure the equipment is in working order for the next patron. 
Failure to charge your batteries may result in an assessed fine per item.
• Always turn off the power when equipment is not in use. Plug in your equipment and save battery power whenever possible.
To prevent damage, please remove batteries from the battery compartment before you return equipment.


We recommend that you make reservations at least one week in advance. You may reserve up to two weeks in advance.
• You may make one reservation per week for each item. (Donʼt monopolize equipment!)
• In consideration of others, please let us know if you cannot pick up your reserved equipment. If you habitually miss reservations, you may lose your Media Center privileges.
• High demand items (such as digital cameras) cannot be reserved for two consecutive weekends.
• Equipment is available for check out after 12:30PM on the day of your reservation.
• Equipment is due by 12:00PM two days following your checkout or at 12:00PM on Monday following Friday checkouts.

There are two exceptions to this policy:
• Laptops, Video Projectors and equipment on carts are for on campus use, for class duration and must be returned on the same day immediately after class. These items are not available overnight. They cannot be taken off campus. These items must be reserved by faculty or staff only.
• Faculty, please reserve in class equipment two weeks before your request. You may reserve AV for your class for the entire semester with a Media Center staffer. Be prepared to give the classroom, time, your name and cell phone number. Your reservation is not guaranteed unless confirmed.

In some circumstances equipment may need to be returned before noon. The Media Center will inform Patrons if this is the case.
BE PREPARED TO RETURN all equipment when it is due.
• Due to high demand, we may not be able to grant extensions.
• To request a renewal or extension, call the Media Center before 11:30am. We strongly encourage calling in before 10am to ensure return by noon if items are not available.
• You may only renew your checkout once.
• There are no extensions allowed on Monday and Friday.
• There are no extensions on 4D equipment!
• In-class 4D equipment must be checked out no more than 45 minutes before class and returned immediately after class. In-class equipment must be checked out by the 4D Faculty only! Students are never allowed to take home in-class 4D equipment. You cannot check out similar items that have already been extended on the same day as returning.

Last Call:
• Reserved equipment that has not been picked up may be checked out by other students starting at 7:30PM Monday-Thursday and 5:30PM Friday.


School equipment and resources are not insured against loss, theft or damage by borrowers. 

• Equipment returned late by Students, Staff and Faculty (after 12PM after 2 days) results in a late fee payable in cash to the appropriate campus.  Checks and credit cards must be paid through Student Accounts.
• Late fees range from $1-$20 per item for each day it is late (including Saturday and Sunday).
• If you have unpaid fines, you cannot make reservations or check out equipment.
• Loss of checkout privileges may result for patrons who are either habitually late or who lose equipment.
• Any lost or stolen equipment will result in a replacement fee equaling the cost of the itemʼs replacement, as determined by the Media Center Manager.
• An Abuse or Negligence fee may be applied for any reason deemed appropriate by Media Center Staff. Charges range from $10-$500 and/or a probation period for checkout. Additional offenses may result in the permanent loss of privileges.
• Unpaid fees may result in a hold on your student records (preventing registration, graduation etc...).
• If you do not clear your hold by paying the fine with the Media Center, CCA may charge your student account.


• Faculty requiring regular access to an A/V cabinet need to arrange access and training with Media Center staff.
• Only Media Center trained individuals may operate the projection booths in Nahl Hall or Timken Hall.
• To reserve Oakland or San Francisco meeting room, classrooms, Oakland Campus Nahl Hall, or  San Francisco campus Timken Hall, please go to or contact Scheduling Manager Rebekah Eisenberg (415) 551-9206 
•Virtual EMS Helpsheet available at
• Request services and equipment at least 14 days in advance. You do not have the reservation unless you receive confirmation.
• The Media Center will hire a student technician to provide A/V Services for events that require dedicated assistance. The sponsoring department will be charged at the rate of $15 per hour, per technician, as well as $15 per hour for videotaped events requiring an editor for post-production with a minimum of four hours. Please complete the EMS events forms located at and submit the completed request form to Rebekah Eisenberg (X9206).  Please refer to the Media Centers videography policy for questions regarding video services.

We reserve the right to refuse service to anyone for any reason deemed appropriate.

Inappropriate and abusive behavior is not tolerated and may lead to probation or loss of checkout abilities and/or further educational disciplinary actions.